Earn fixed income
from investments secured by Bitcoin

  • Fixed 10% annual return
  • Double protection: secured by Bitcoin and the buyback guarantee*
  • Includes hedge against Bitcoin price drop (see video)
  • No fees for investments in euros
  • Special Offer: Invest €200+ and get an extra 1% interest

Investing in loans secured by Bitcoin is suitable for all investors who want to achieve above-standard returns on their investments while keeping the associated risk low. The principle is the same as with real estate investments where a piece of property serves as collateral for the loan - click here for more information. The loan originator is the Czech financially strong company ACEMA. You can invest in euros, which you can easily exchange on the investment platform Bondster itself. You find the investment on the platform according to the type of collateral or loan provider.

*The buyback guarantee makes sure that if the borrower defaults on their loan you will not lose any money; the lender will return to you the entire amount invested, including the interest earned.

Find out how much you can earn:

Bitcoin price Return on direct investment in bitcoin Return on investment in a loan secured by bitcoin*
Increases by 50% +50 % +10 %
Increases by 5% +5 % +10 %
Decreases by 5% -5 % +10 %
Decreases by 20% -20 % +10 %
Decreases by 50% -50 % +10 %
- most advantageous investment
* When the LTV drops to 90%, the Bitcoin collateral is immediately forfeited and monetized, and the investor is entitled to both the principal and interest.
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