FAQ | Bondster

What is autoinvest?

It is a unique tool that allows you to invest in selected loans based on predefined parameters. This feature saves time. Investments are automatically executed according to the set requirements for maximum and minimum volume when free funds are available for investing. Autoinvest will ensure that your money will always be invested and will not lie on the account. Autoinvest also saves investors’ time with an investment choice.

How do I set up autoinvest?

After logging in to your account in the autoinvest section.

What can I invest in with autoinvest?

With autoinvest you can invest in any loan based on your chosen parameters. These may include, for example, the type of loan, the provider, the type of guarantee, the minimum interest rate etc.

Can I have more than one autoinvestment?

Yes, you may have an unlimited number of autoinvestments. Each one can be set up with your investment strategy.

What does the minimum account balance after autoinvest mean?

The amount of money invested with autoinvest is up to you. You'll always set the minimum balance on your account when setting up autoinvest. The minimum balance so set will always remain in your account and autoinvest will not use these free funds. They will remain on your account at your disposal.

How much money will my autoinvest use?

The amount of money invested by individual autoinvests is entirely up to you. When setting your autoinvests, you can choose how much money any single autoinvest can use by setting the amount to be invested based on your investment parameters (Target amount). Next, you choose whether you would like your principal and interest payments received to be reinvested or not. If you select the option to reinvest your payments received, the autoinvest will keep the set amount invested. If you select the option not to reinvest your payments received, the autoinvest will stop investing once it has reached the set target amount..

How much money does autoinvest use in one investment?

You set the amount of your individual investment when you set up autoinvest and its amount is at your choice. The amount of the investment can be set at the value of the maximum stake in one loan when setting up autoinvest. The set value considers the investments you have made in the past and does not invest more than this set value. It may happen that the total investment in one loan before setting autoinvest will be lower than the set maximum value of a single loan. In this case, autoinvest can also invest in this loan, but up to the amount set.

How can I stop my autoinvestment?

You can turn autoinvests off or remove autoinvests in the Autoinvest section at any time.

Can I still invest manually when I am using an autoinvest?

Yes, in the autoinvest section, you can choose what percentage of your funds you want to invest with autoinvest. You can always invest your funds manually.

Does the autoinvest function cost anything?

Autoinvest is free.

Why did autoinvest not invest in loans?

Depending on the autoinvest parameters set, it can happen that there are no loans available for the autoinvest to invest in. You can easily check whether there are loans in the marketplace in the autoinvest settings where the number of active loans matching your parameters is shown.

How often does autoinvest invest?

The autoinvest checks investments available based on the parameters set every hour. Subsequently, it also starts when new loans or loan originators´ repayments are added to the system. If you have an autoinvest in place, it increases your chances of getting a loan with an attractive interest rate.

Can autoinvest be edited after it has been set up?

Yes. The autoinvest can be edited anytime or can be deleted and replaced with a new one.

What does the reinvest principal and interest option mean?

Within each autoinvest, you can choose whether you want your principal and interest payments received to be reinvested or not. If you select the YES option, the autoinvest will maintain your set volume of investments (the Target amount value in the autoinvest settings). If you select the NO option, the autoinvest will only invest the originally set amount for investments and then it will stop.

What is the diversification by loan originators for?

In the autoinvest settings, you can choose the percentage of your allocated funds which will be invested in individual loan originators. If you select the NO option, the autoinvest will invest your funds at random in all originators or in the originators you choose, depending on the autoinvest parameters set and current investments offer. If you select the YES option, the system will automatically set equal diversification percentages, or you will be able to choose the percentage shares of allocated funds invested in any given originator yourself. You can change the diversification by originator settings at will.

What is the target amount?

The target amount allows you to set the maximum amount the autoinvest can use for investments or hold - in case you have selected the reinvest principal and interest option.

What does the held value mean?

The held value shows you the remaining sum of principals your autoinvest have invested and which are currently held by you.

Loans found - what does this value mean?

The loans found value shows you the current number of loans from the investments offer which meet your investment parameters. If the number of loans found is zero, consider reviewing and editing your search parameters.

Is it necessary to edit my autoinvest when a new originator is added?

You only need to edit your autoinvest if your diversification is set by loan originators and you want to invest in the new originator too. If you are not using the diversification by loan originators, your autoinvest will invest in the new originator automatically, hence you don´t need to change anything.

My autoinvest has stopped, but the amount held is lower than the target amount?

The reason for this is that you haven´t selected the reinvest principal and interest option. The autoinvest has already invested the amount you have set. If you want to, you can turn the autoinvest on again or you can select the option to reinvest principal and interest payments received in the autoinvest settings.