How it works | Bondster
Loan provider
Debtor (applicant)

Investing in loans (P2P) is simple

    • The applicant borrows money from the loan provider. The loan is secured for example with real estate.
    • Loan provider offers the loan on Bondster marketplace.
    • Investors choose from a wide range of loans on Bondster and invest.
    • The debtor (applicant) regularly pays off the loan. Bondster then pays the investor through these payments and the related interest.
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Frequently asked questions

What is the Bondster platform?

Bondster is a Peer-to-Business (P2B) investment platform that offers an attractive opportunity for investors to place available funds. The principle of the operation is simple – investors can invest in loans to borrowers with a proven record of payment, offered by respective lenders of those loans.

Loan types may vary and they may be secured or unsecured – mortgages, leases, consumer loans, etc. Bondster operates as a marketplace where these loans are offered as investment opportunities and acts as an intermediary between investors and lenders.

What is the difference between Bondster and other investment platforms?

Bondster offers a unique opportunity for easy, quick investments that allow investors portfolio diversification. It is also unique in that the investments are protected by collateral, which may include real estate, vehicles, etc. In contrast to other platforms, Bondster also offers a buy-back guarantee in case of loan default. All these protective measures considerably reduce investor risk. In addition, Bondster offers easy online management of your investment account.

Who is behind the Bondster project?

The BONDSTER investment portal is run by a team of professionals with experience in finance as well as P2B investments ( We are aware of the lack of quality investment opportunities on the market, so we have created an innovative online investment site tailored to a wide range of investors. The investment process is very simple and doesn't require extensive knowledge of financial markets. Learn more in the About us section. 

Bondster is owned by CEP Invest Private Equity. A main strategic partner of the project is ACEMA Credit Czech, a.s.

What happens when the debtor is in default?

In the My Investments section of your profile, you can see a detailed repayment schedule, detailing the payment history of the loan, and when further repayments are due. The provider, as the loan administrator, is in contact with the original debtor and takes all steps to make sure the installment is paid. If this does not happen, either a buyback or redemption of the loan and subsequent recovery will occur, and we will inform investors in detail.

Does the investor pay a fee for Bondster services in connection with his investment?

Bondster does not charge investors a fee for investing in euros. For investments in the Czech crown, we charge investors a fee of 1% per year of the amount invested. The fee is calculated daily from the currently invested amount (1%/365) and is always charged on the last day of the month.